Poultry Studies 1999, Vol 1, Num, 1     (Pages: 012-017)

Researches on the Use of Extruded Canola Seed in The Rations for Broiler Chicks

Şenay SARICA 1 ,Kamil DOĞAN 1

1 A.U. Zir. Fak. Zootekni Bölümü Yemler ve Hayvan Besleme A.B.D. - In this research; it has been studied the substitution value of ekstruded full-fat canola seed meal for soybean meal in the diets of broiler ckicks. The experiment was conducted in four groups with 3 replicates in which there were 32 day-old broiler chicks in each group.

The experimental diets were formulated isonitrogenic and isocaloric for starting and growing-finishing periods containing respectively 23% and 20% crude protein and 3200 Kcal/kg metabolisable energy by the substitution of extruded full-fat canola seed meal for soybean meal at proportions of 5,10 and 15% in the diets.

In the research in which the total feeding periods lasted 7 weeks, were given feed and water ad-libitum. According to the results obtained at the end of the research, the average live weights for the experimental groups were 2141.6, 2072.3, 1913.7 and 1881.9g (p<0.05); the average live weight gains were 2103.0, 2033.0, 1875.0 and 1843.Og (p<0.05); the average feed consumptions were 4486.0, 4399.0, 4031.0 and 3994.Og (p>0.05); the feed conversion ratios were 2.133, 2.165, 2.145 and 2.166 (p>0.05); the hot carcass yields were 71.55, 72.39, 74.30 and 74.15% (p>0.05); the cold carcass yields were 70.98, 73.19, 74.98 and 73.87% (p>0.05); mortality rates were 3.03, 2.08, 1.96 and 3.96% (p>0.05) for the 1., 2., 3. and 4. groups respectively. Keywords : Extruded Canola, Soybean Meal, Broiler Rations, Broiler Fattening, Fattening Results, Slaughter Results, Mortality Rates