Poultry Studies 2007, Vol 7, Num, 1     (Pages: 005-009)

Selection for Egg Production Traits in Purebred Brown Egg Layers

Hüseyin GÖGER 1 ,Şermin YURTOĞULLARI 1 ,Numan AKMAN 2

1 Tavukçuluk Araştırma Enstitüsü Müdürlüğü
2 Ankara Üniversitesi Ziraat Fakültesi, Zootekni Bölümü / Ankara
- In this research, the average variances for different production traits have been conducted in terms of examining the data obtained within seven years from the purebred hens at the Poultry Research Institute of Ankara. Records were obtained from total of 16303 purebred Brown egg layers, between 1996 and 2002 years. In the present study data of four pure lines; age at first egg, body weight at first egg, egg number to 43 weeks and egg weight were used. Means of the traits in the purebred Brown egg layers; age at first egg 152 to 174, body weight at first egg 1620 to 2018, egg number to 43 weeks 99 to 131, egg weight 54,6 to 61,7 were calculated. Keywords : Pure line, egg production, body weight at first egg